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Last Revision: 9/25/02

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My ninth book, Advanced Linux Networking, is a general-purpose Linux networking book, but its focus is unique: This book covers advanced topics and those that don't get much coverage in typical Linux networking books. For instance, the chapter on Samba includes information on using Samba's scripting features to set up a network-accessible CD-burning station, and there are chapters on time servers, font servers, and other often-overlooked servers. This book is of interest to professional system administrators or advanced Linux hobbyists who want a compact reference and tutorial to help them expand their Linux networking expertise. Page count: 752.

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If you want to check it out before buying, Addison-Wesley has made Chapter 10 available as a sample chapter from the Addison-Wesley page on the book.

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I maintain information on other networking books that may be of interest to those who find this book interesting, and another page on all my books.

Here's a list of the book's chapters:

    Part I. Low-Level Configuration
  1. Kernel Network Configuration
  2. TCP/IP Network Configuration
  3. Alternative Network Stacks
  4. Starting Servers

    Part II. Local Network Servers
  5. Configuring Other Computers via DHCP
  6. Authenticating Users via Kerberos
  7. File and Printer Sharing via Samba
  8. File Sharing via NFS
  9. Printer Sharing via LPD
  10. Maintaining Consistent Time: Time Servers
  11. Pull Mail Protocols: POP and IMAP
  12. Running a News Server
  13. Maintaining Remote Login Servers
  14. Handling GUI Access with X and VNC Servers
  15. Providing Consistent Fonts with Font Servers
  16. Maintaining a System from a Distance
  17. Performing Network Backups

    Part III. Internet Servers
  18. Administering a Domain via DNS
  19. Push Mail Protocol: SMTP
  20. Running Web Servers
  21. Running FTP Servers

    Part IV. Network Security and Router Functions
  22. General System Security
  23. Configuring a chroot Jail
  24. Advanced Router Options
  25. Configuring iptables
  26. Using a VPN

In the weeks and months to come, I'll update this site with any errata or additional information that may be useful as developments warrant.

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