Broadband Internet Connections:

A User's Guide to DSL and Cable

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by Rod Smith,

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My eighth book, Broadband Internet Connections: A User's Guide to DSL and Cable, describes how to get the most out of a high-speed Internet connection. The book begins with a discussion of the technologies involved (DSL, cable, satellite, and so on), proceeds on to hardware and software configuration, and moves on to discussions of running popular servers, sharing a connection among several computers, and broadband security issues. I wrote the book with small businesses and home users in mind, and especially those who want to go beyond merely browsing the Web at high speed. Broadband connections open up a world of possibilities that aren't often explored with dial-up connections, and this book serves as an introduction to these possibilities. Approximate page count: 600.

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Here's a list of the book's chapters:

    Part I. Broadband Technologies
  1. What Can Broadband Do?
  2. Broadband over Telephone Lines
  3. Cable: Broadband over Coax
  4. Unusual and Upcoming Technologies

    Part II. Basic Broadband Configuration
  5. Methods of Connection and Authentication
  6. Configuring a Computer for Broadband
  7. Using Your Connection
  8. Troubleshooting

    Part III. Running Broadband Servers
  9. Obtaining a Domain Name
  10. Running Mail Servers
  11. Running Web Servers
  12. Running Game Servers
  13. Accessing Your System Remotely

    Part IV. Sharing Network Configurations
  14. Requirements for Sharing Broadband
  15. Configuring a Simple Router
  16. Using NAT
  17. Configuring a VPN

    Part V. Broadband Security Issues
  18. An Assessment of Broadband Risks
  19. Basic Security Provisions
  20. Firewall Options

A. Configuring Windows for Broadband
B. Configuring MacOS for Broadband
C. Configuring Linux for Broadband
D. DSL Providers
E. Cable Providers

In the weeks and months to come, I'll update this site with any errata or additional information that may be useful as developments in the broadband world warrant.

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