Unfortunately, the question of whether to buy OS/2 has no simple "yes" or "no" answer. The answer depends upon the user's hardware, software, and purpose for having a computer. This FAQ therefore goes over some of the issues involved in answering the question, in the hopes that the reader can construct the answer from the individual sub-answers.

The nature of this FAQ necessarily means that it overlaps somewhat with other OS/2 FAQs. The interested reader is encouraged to examine one or more of the following OS/2 FAQs:

Most of these are available on or, under the os2/newsltr or os2/info directory. The contents of the PCIWARE.ZIP file can be found on under the pub/ab/abe directory (grab everything with "pci" in the filename). OS2D-FGA.ZIP and PROSCONS.ZIP FAQs are available on FidoNet from DoNoR by File Requesting from 2:440/4.0. Some or all of these may also be available on (an ftp site devoted to FAQs of all sorts) under the pub/usenet/comp.os.os2.misc or pub/usenet/news.answers directories. Tim Sipples' OS/2 FAQ is published in an expanded book form, including a CD-ROM with drivers and utilities, by IDG Books (ISBN 1-56884-472-7).

In addition to these FAQs, there are several OS/2-related web sites which may be of interest to somebody considering purchasing OS/2. These include:

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