Degunking Linux

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by Rod Smith,

Last Revision: 8/9/09

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Degunking Linux is devoted to the topic of keeping Linux running smoothly, despite the tendency of entropy to erode any complex system. Tasks covered include cleaning out user files, tweaking your desktop environment, improving software performance, and network degunking. Approximate page count: 320.

Here's a list of the book's chapters:

  1. Why Is There Gunk in Linux?
  2. Linux Degunking Strategies
  3. Degunking User Files
  4. Degunking Your Desktop Environment
  5. User Settings for Common Applications
  6. Cleaning Out Unused Packages
  7. Improving Software Performance
  8. Managing Processes
  9. Account Degunking
  10. Network Degunking
  11. Finding Drivers for Your Hardware
  12. Optimizing Your X Configuration
  13. Appendix A: Backing Up Linux

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