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by Rod Smith,

Last Revision: 6/9/03

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FreeBSD: The Complete Reference

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My tenth book, FreeBSD: The Complete Reference, is a guide to FreeBSD, including information on installation, system administration, network configuration, server maintenance, desktop applications, and so on. This book was written with FreeBSD 5.0 in mind, and comes with that version of FreeBSD on CD-ROM. Page count: 869.

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Kirk Strauser has written a review of this book, which was also posted to Slashdot.

On June 9, 2003, version 5.1 of FreeBSD was released. This version features improved stability and an assortment of new features; check the links for details. Check the list of mirrors to discover where you can obtain CD-R image files, where to buy CD-ROMs, or how to obtain FreeBSD in other ways. Chapter 2 of my book covers these issues in more detail. Note that version 5.1 is still considered a "new technology" release, and the 4.x series is still under active development. For those more interested in stability than the latest features, version 4.8 is the current version, as of 6/9/03.

    Part 1. FreeBSD Installation
  1. FreeBSD Requirements
  2. System Installation
  3. An Overview of the System
  4. Coexistence With Other Operating Systems

    Part 2. Basic System Administration
  5. System Administration Tools
  6. The System Startup and Control Processes
  7. Managing Partitions
  8. Managing Files
  9. Printer Configuration
  10. Managing User Accounts
  11. Installing Software
  12. Kernel Configuration
  13. The X Window System

    Part 3. Network Configuration
  14. Basic Network Configuration
  15. Dial-Up Networking
  16. Principles of Network Clients and Servers
  17. Setting Up a Firewall

    Part 4. Servers
  18. File Servers
  19. Mail Servers
  20. Web Servers
  21. Login Servers
  22. Miscellaneous Servers

    Part 5. Common User Programs
  23. GUI Environments
  24. Networking Tools
  25. Office Tools
  26. Graphics Tools
  27. Multimedia and Games

    Part 6. System Maintenance
  28. Automated and Non-Automated Routine Maintenance
  29. System Security Considerations
  30. Compiling Software
  31. Writing Scripts
  32. Troubleshooting

In the weeks and months to come, I'll update this site with any errata or additional information that may be useful as developments in the FreeBSD world warrant.

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