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by Rod Smith,

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My fourth book, The Linux Hardware Handbook, is devoted to the topic of Linux's interaction with hardware. I cover all the major hardware devices, such as the CPU, motherboard, SCSI host adapter, printer, and so on. For each component, I outline what it does and what special concerns you as a Linux user should have about the device, such as where to go to find drivers and what you can expect in the way of reduced, the same, or improved hardware functionality compared to Windows or other OSs. It's one of only three books on the topic of Linux hardware which I'm aware.

Buy the book from or (Note: Please disregard my own "5-star rating" of the book on Although Fatbrain maintains a web page for authors to add comments about their books, that page adds the comments as if they were customer reviews, resulting in spurious star ratings. I've asked Fatbrain to correct this problem, but they've been unwilling or unable to do so, despite claims that they would. It has not been my intention to "stack the decks" in the book's ratings. The Amazon listing, although it contains the same comments from me, does not include spurious star ratings from me.)

Here's a list of the book's chapters:

    Part I. Core Systems
  1. The Central Processing Unit
  2. Motherboards
  3. Memory
  4. Case and Power Supply

    Part II. Storage
  5. Hard Disks
  6. Removable Disks
  7. Optical Drives
  8. Tape Backup
  9. SCSI Host Adapters

    Part III. Audio/Video
  10. Sound Cards
  11. Audio Input/Output
  12. Video Cards
  13. Video Capture and AV Input Hardware
  14. Monitors

    Part IV. Input/Output
  15. Keyboards and Mice
  16. Parallel and Serial Ports
  17. Network Hardware
  18. Modems
  19. Scanners
  20. Printers

    Part V. Prebuilt Systems
  21. Store-Bought Non-Linux Systems
  22. Linux Workstations
  23. Notebooks

    Part VI. Appendixes
A. Linux Device Drivers
B. Hardware Manufacturers

In the weeks and months to come, I'll update this site with any errata or additional information that may be useful as developments in the OS world warrant.

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