Linux+ Study Guide, 4th Edition

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by Rod Smith,

Last Revision: 8/9/09

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The CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide: 2009 Exam is a textbook designed to help candidates pass the Linux+ exam by CompTIA. This exam is an entry-level Linux certification, so the book is an entry-level text on Linux use and administration. In addition to helping you pass the Linux+ exam, the book should prove to be a useful reference for many general Linux tasks. The 4th edition, which covers the 2009 version of the exam, is due out in October of 2009. Earlier editions of the book cover earlier versions of the Linux+ exam. Approximate page count: 587 (4th edition); 539 (3rd edition).

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Here's a list of the book's chapters:

  1. Getting Started with Linux
  2. Using Text-Mode Commands
  3. Managing Processes and Editing Files
  4. Managing System Services
  5. Managing Users
  6. Managing Disks
  7. Managing Packages and System Backups
  8. Configuring Basic Networking
  9. Configuring Advanced Networking
  10. Configuring Network Servers I
  11. Configuring Network Servers II
  12. Securing Linux

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