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by Rod Smith,

Last Revision: 7/8/00

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My third book, The Multi-Boot Configuration Handbook, covers topics of interest to anybody wanting to run more than one OS on a single x86 PC. The book starts with basic information on PC architecture, including the BIOS, the hardware, and the history of the PC and how it influences multi-OS configurations. It proceeds from there to practical advice on partitioning, OS installation, data exchange, cross-platform utilities, networking, and modern hardware. I've written this book with the goal of helping those who are new to multi-OS configurations or who have multi-OS setups but who want to optimize them to get the best possible configurations. If you want to add Linux to your stable of OSs, and wonder which Linux to install, you may want to check my Linux distributions web page.

This book's included CD-ROM contains a large number of useful programs, including:

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Here's a list of the book's chapters:

    Part I. Overview
  1. The Trials and Triumphs of a Multi-OS Computer
  2. Operating Systems Available for x86 Hardware in 2000

    Part II. The Boot Process
  3. The x86 BIOS: Its Limits and Capabilities
  4. Boot Loaders Simple and Complex

    Part III. Partitioning & Partition Management
  5. Hard Disk Partition Basics
  6. Tools for Disk Partitioning
  7. Tips for Optimizing System Performance
  8. Modifying Partitions After the Fact

    Part IV. Operating System Installation
  9. The OS Installation Checklist
  10. Tips for Specific OSs
  11. Finding Help

    Part V. Data Exchange
  12. Filesystems for Assorted OSes
  13. Tools for Accessing Foreign Filesystems
  14. Application Data File Formats

    Part VI. Common Configurations and Tools
  15. Cross-Platform Utilities
  16. Cross-Platform Applications
  17. Modifying GUI Look and Feel
  18. OSes Within OSes: Emulators

    Part VII. Network Access
  19. TCP/IP Networking
  20. File and Printer Sharing

    Part VIII. Hardware Considerations
  21. Ensuring Adequate Resources
  22. Finding Drivers
  23. Performing Hardware Upgrades

In the weeks and months to come, I'll update this site with any errata or additional information that may be useful as developments in the OS world warrant.

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