Linux: Networking for Your Office

Web Supplement: Red Hat Versions
by Rod Smith,

Red Hat Linux Versions

Less than one week after I submitted the final CD for L:NfYO to the people at Sams, Red Hat released version 6.1 of their distribution. Therefore, the book comes with the now-outdated version 6.0 of Red Hat Linux. (I did update all the packages with the latest versions available at the time I created the CD, however, so it includes many updated packages.) The information in the book is still useful with Red Hat Linux 6.1, or with any other distribution, so you shouldn't be too concerned with this update. Further, Red Hat Linux 6.0 is still useful, even if it's not the latest version of the OS. If you want to remain up-to-date, however, you have several options:

No matter what distribution you use, you should be sure to keep up to date on the distribution's errata. For Red Hat, the appropriate web site is

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