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by Rod Smith,

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Linux Power Tools

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My eleventh book, Linux Power Tools, is a guide to Linux for intermediate to advanced users. Instead of spending time on basic topics such as system installation and using basic X features, the book emphasizes issues that involve advanced or tricky configuration, such as network-based scanning with SANE, using Xft fonts, resizing filesystems, and using NTP to synchronize time between systems. This book can help you get the most out of a Linux system, but you should have at least a basic grounding in using the OS first. Because the Linux world is so diverse, this book provides explicit coverage of five popular distributions: Debian, Mandrake, Red Hat, Slackware, and SuSE. (Some online retailers incorrectly state that the book covers UnitedLinux.) Page count: 611.

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Sybex provides Chapter 9 in PDF format for download.

    Part 1. Hardware Tools
  1. Optimizing System Architecture Usage
  2. Improving Disk Performance
  3. Using External Peripherals

    Part 2. User Tools
  4. Mastering Shells and Shell Scripting
  5. Doing Real Work in Text Mode
  6. Getting the Most from a Desktop Environment
  7. Using Linux for Office Productivity
  8. Miscellaneous User Tools

    Part 3. System Administration Tools
  9. Bypassing Automatic Configurations to Gain Control
  10. Using Multiple OSs
  11. Managing Packages
  12. Filesystems and Files
  13. Managing Printers
  14. Programs and Processes
  15. Creating a Custom Kernel
  16. Optimizing X Configuration
  17. Protecting Your System with Backups
  18. System Security

    Part 4. Networking Tools
  19. Basic Network Configuration
  20. Controlling Network Access
  21. Detecting Intruders

    Part 5. Server Tools
  22. Running Servers
  23. Getting More from a Web Server
  24. Sharing Files
  25. Delivering E-Mail
  26. Providing Remote Login Access
  27. Miscellaneous Servers

In the weeks and months to come, I'll update this site with any errata or additional information that may be useful as developments in the Linux world warrant.

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