The Definitive Guide to Samba 3

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by Rod Smith,

Last Revision: 3/17/04

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My twelfth book, The Definitive Guide to Samba 3, is, as you might guess, a book on version 3.0 of Samba. Unlike my previous Samba book, Linux Samba Server Administration, which covers Samba 2.0, this new book describes Samba and its operation on multiple OSs, including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, and others. It includes coverage of Samba 3.0's new features, such as the ability to migrate a domain from a Windows NT domain controller and the new net utility. I maintain a separate Web page on this book. Approximate page count: 600.

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Here is a page with some information and support scripts on using the Samba wins hook parameter. I wrote it to support the book when it appeared that the script wasn't going to ship with Samba 3.0, but it was added back at the last minute. The book's readers probably don't need it, but it was already written, so what the heck....

Here's a list of the book's chapters:

    Part 1. Samba Essentials
  1. Understanding SMB/CIFS
  2. Samba and SMB/CIFS

    Part 2. Basic Samba Operations
  3. Obtaining, Installing, and Running Samba
  4. Global Samba Configuration
  5. Configuring File Shares
  6. Configuring Printer Shares
  7. Managing Samba Accounts

    Part 3. Advanced Samba Operations
  8. Configuring a Master Browser
  9. Configuring a NetBIOS Name Server
  10. Configuring a Domain Controller
  11. Securing Samba
  12. Samba Interactions with Other Protocols

    Part 4. Samba Tips and Tricks
  13. Using GUI Configuration Tools
  14. Using Samba Scripts
  15. Migrating a Windows Domain to Samba Control
  16. Samba Backups
  17. Troubleshooting Samba
  18. Using SMB/CIFS Clients

    Part 5. Appendixes
    A. Samba Configuration Options
    B. Using net

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