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Last update: 12/26/97

FM Synthesis (OPL2 & OPL3); Wavetable (OPL4)
OS/2 Drivers:
Available generically & included with many boards
Drivers from:; (for OPL-3SA chipset only)
Boards using this chipset include:
Numerous products, including SoundBlaster boards, many Reveal boards, etc.
These Yamaha chipsets provide basic support for FM synthesis (OPL2, OPL3, and OPL4) and wavetable (OPL4) to many boards. OS/2 drivers usually aren't needed to access these chips; rather, other chipsets interface between the OS and the OPL2/3/4 chips. The OPL3, in particular, is extremely common in other products. There are apparently some new drivers to allow access to these chips on boards that don't have more explicit OS/2 support. I've received one report of success from somebody using these drivers in combination with OS/2's AD1848 drivers with a generic board.

The Yamaha OPL3-SA is a new chip which should not be confused with the older FM-synthesis-only OPL3; the OPL3-SA is an integrated chip that provides digital audio and FM synthesis MIDI, but no wavetable support. It is used in much the same way as Crystal Semiconductor, OPTi, or ESS chipsets on sound cards and motherboards. I've received several reports of success with this chipset and OS/2. One difficulty appears to be that various manufacturers are shipping variants of the standard drivers, some of which work better than others. When installing without gameport support, check to be sure that the install routine doesn't install the GAMEDD driver; I've one report that the routine does this erroneously, which may cause a harmless error message at reboot time.

In addition to these chips, Yamaha also produces wavetable MIDI daughtercards. I've received one report that the DB50XG works fine under OS/2 on a SoundBlaster when using the SoundBlaster driver's /EXT switch.

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