Linux Administrator Street Smarts

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by Rod Smith,

Last Revision: 8/9/09

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Linux Administrator Street Smarts is a textbook that's intended to supplement either a generic Linux system administration title or a certification-specific title, such as my LPIC-1 or Linux+ titles. This book emphasizes hands-on exercises to help you learn the skills you'll need as a Linux system administrator, but it's not geared to any specific exam, so you should definitely study with the objectives of any exam you plan to take in mind. I also maintain a separate Web page on this book. Approximate page count: 323.

Here's a list of the book's chapters:

  1. Working on the Command Line
  2. Managing Hardware and the Kernel
  3. Managing Software
  4. Documenting the System
  5. Managing Partitions and Filesystems
  6. Configuring Network Features
  7. Administering the System
  8. Managing Security

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