Linux: Networking for Your Office

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by Rod Smith,

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About the Book

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My second Linux book, Linux: Networking for Your Office (hereafter L:NfYO), ISBN 0672317923, is published by Sams and is available now. You can order it at,, or you can read more about it and other books you might find interesting. L:NfYO covers many of the small office/home office (SOHO) networking tasks at which Linux has proven its worth. The book's main focus is on file and printer sharing using NFS, lpd, Samba, and Netatalk. Additional topics include IP masquerading, PPP connections, and security. Although it's marketed towards businesses, L:NfYO covers the topics you're most likely to want covered when setting up a small home network with Linux at its centerpiece, so home users shouldn't be scared off by the title.

Here's a list of the book's chapters:

    Part I: Networking Principles
  1. Networking Hardware
  2. Understanding TCP/IP
  3. Networking Services
  4. Intranets and the Internet

    Part II: Configuring Linux Networking
  5. Basic Linux Configuration
  6. Compiling a Kernel for Networking
  7. Setting Ethernet Options
  8. Using PPP for Dialup Connections

    Part III: File Sharing
  9. Basic Principles of File Sharing
  10. NFS: Sharing Files with Other UNIXes
  11. Samba: Sharing Files with DOS, Windows, and OS/2
  12. Netatalk: Sharing Files with Macintoshes
  13. Using Linux to Back Up Client Machines

    Part IV: Printer Sharing
  14. Preparing to Share a Printer
  15. Sharing Printers with Other UNIXes
  16. Samba: Sharing Printers with DOS, Windows, and OS/2
  17. Netatalk: Sharing Printers with Macintoshes

    Part V: Remote Access
  18. Using ssh or telnet to Log on Remotely
  19. Using VNC or an X Server to Run X Programs Remotely

    Part VI: Linking Your Intranet to the Internet
  20. One IP Address, Many Computers: IP Masquerading
  21. Configuring a Firewall

    Part VII: Final Considerations
  22. Designing a Computer as a Linux Server
  23. System Administration
  24. Maintaining a Secure System

The book also includes a CD with Red Hat Linux 6.0, Linux networking utilities, and networking tools for both Windows and MacOS. The tools on this CD will help you build an intranet around your Linux server. Note that, although the book comes with Red Hat Linux, L:NfYO will be helpful to you even if you run another Linux distribution. Although I describe how to perform some tasks using Red Hat's linuxconf tool, I always provide alternative methods to perform those tasks that can be used with other distributions.

Errata and Updates

The Linux world moves quickly, so aspects of my book which were accurate and complete at the time I wrote them have become inaccurate or incomplete, even by the book's release date. There may also be a few outright errors lurking in the text, although I've made every attempt to spot these before publication. This is where you'll find information on both types of item.

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