Which board should you buy? It depends upon your needs. Different people have different wants in a sound board, and I've tried to lay out some common scenarios below. Note that some boards appear in more than one category. Also keep in mind that I've personal experience with a SoundBlaster 8-bit, a Reveal SC500 rev. 1, and a miroCONNECT 34 wave, so I'm most confident about placement of these boards.

Cheap sound:

Upgrading from 16-bit FM synthesis to wavetable:

Solid 16-bit .WAV and FM synthesis:

Solid OS/2 wavetable support:

Solid Win-OS/2 support:

Simultaneous OS/2 and Win-OS/2 use:

Superior wavetable sound quality:

Multifunction support (sound/modem/fax/voicemail):

Users interested in using their computer as an answering machine may also want to check out the web page at http://www.he.net/~jubjub/, which has information on OS/2 voicemail programs.

Microchannel (MCA) boards:


Avoid if at all possible:

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