Soundcards for OS/2

BY: Rod Smith,

This is a summary of information I've learned about sound cards for use under OS/2. This document focuses upon wavetable cards in the $100-$200 range, but cards in other price ranges are also included on a more sporadic basis. I update this document as I receive more information, so please send me any corrections or additional information you may have. Anybody wishing to make this document available via a web server or other means has my permission to do so, though I ask that you try to keep the document reasonably up to date with the current release. An official web version is available at

Windows 95 users: I've been receiving a lot of requests lately for information on Windows 95 drivers. I have none. You may still find some of the general information in this document to be of use, but beyond the manufacturer contact information, I can't help you locate or configure Windows 95 drivers for any specific sound card. I'm told that has many Win95, Windows 3.1, and OS/2 drivers, so you may want to check there, too.

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  1. Miscellaneous small textual changes.
  2. I'm adding modification dates to the pages on specific products. Anything without a date was last modified with the previous revision or earlier.
  3. Added a brief discussion of PCI sound boards to the Technology section. I know of no PCI sound cards with OS/2 drivers as of yet.
  4. I've heard that Warp 4.0 has a bug that prevents multiple MIDI drivers from working, so it's important to install only one. This is now mentioned in the MIDI section.
  5. Brief entry added on Acer AW35.
  6. Sadly, Advanced Gravis has removed itself from the sound card marketplace, though the last I checked, at least one other Interwave-based board, the Core Dynamics DynaSonix 3D, is still available.
  7. AVM Apex OS/2 drivers have yet to materialize, though they're promised "soon."
  8. Updated information on drivers for Creative Labs AWE64, and more on the confusing morass of a question of whether Creative has dropped OS/2 support. Also added a note about CD audio from a CD-ROM drive.
  9. Added an entry on the Guillemot sound cards. Fairly high-end, but no OS/2 drivers.
  10. Added some (sketchy) additional information on getting full functionality from the Logitech SoundMan Wave.
  11. Updated information on MediaTrix's line.
  12. Minor updates to the Turtle Beach Tropez installation instructions. Also added a link to Timur Tabi's Turtle Beach page.
  13. Updated links on the Crystal Semiconductor page, and minimal information on their new PCI chipset.
  14. Mwave-based products appear to be going nowhere, as far as OS/2 driver support is concerned. Older Mwave boards, like the IBM Multimedia Modem Plus, are being discontinued.
  15. Added a section on S3, which is branching out into the sound chipset market.


  1. General Comments
  2. Basic Technology
  3. Driver Installation
  4. VoiceType (Speech Recognition)
  5. MIDI File Playback
  6. Sound Board Chipsets
  7. Sound Board Specifics
  8. Purchase Recommendations
  9. Download the complete HTML version of this document (~122kB zip file)

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