This section goes over the sound boards about which I have any information, in sub-sections by manufacturer. I don't pretend this is a comprehensive list, and I am far from certain about much of the information I've presented, since some of it is based upon only one or two comments from individuals who use the boards in question, or upon tech support people who may have an interest in minimizing the extent of problems with individual boards. I've tried to flag the least-reliable information as such.

I've tried to include various ways of contacting the manufactuer, as well as where to find drivers, for each entry. "OS/2 ftp" refers to the big OS/2 ftp sites, such as and Sound board drivers should normally be in the /os2/drivers or /pub/os2/32bit/drivers directories, respectively. IBM Europe also operates a driver repository ftp site at The "street price" line gives the approximate prices I've seen advertized in Computer Shopper or local stores, or which have been reported to me. Prices are usually given as an approximate value ("~" to the left), a range, or a minimum ("+" to the right).

In many cases these entries contain contact information and a reference to the chipset(s) used. Please be sure to check the information on the appropriate chipset(s) when this is the case, since I may list only board-specific information in the board entries.


Note: Information relevant to specific sound boards is sometimes presented only in the section on the chipset for a board, so if you see a link to a chipset entry on a board, you should follow that link to read what's there.

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